UK Hit Squad – COVID-19 Decontamination


Risk Assessment - a requirement to determine possible issues, their likelihood and consequences.

Our trained senior staff can assist with your Risk Assessment to offer their expert opinion in a quantitative and qualitative manner, all designed to minimise risk.

Each COVID-19 deep clean follows a rigorous and precise schedule; sanitisation of touch points, disinfection fogging and exact disposal.

  1. Every possible surface is identified and subject to a ‘severe’ sanitisation using approved equipment and products.  Typically this would include floors, doors, handles, furniture items, electrical equipment and all extremities; door frames, skirting boards, etc.  Very simply, every possible surface that it is possible to touch.
  2. Our powerful fogging machines produce a dry steam sanitiser that sits on all surfaces leaving a full coating of disinfectant to leave all surfaces fully sanitised and virus free for a minimum of seven days.
  3. Upon completion all PPE and the cleaning products and equipment go through a comprehensive process of disposal (PPE, cloths, mops, etc.) to ensure no contamination and those items classed as re-usable are cleansed thoroughly.

If required, we are able to document all aspects of the process and provide photographic evidence that the entire process is completed in line with all guidelines.

Standard practice would be to provide a bespoke service to each client, but in the first instance we believe our strict methodology to be best given current circumstances.

Further cleans may be bespoke and can be booked as an additional one-off clean or as part of daily / weekly / fortnightly schedule as required.

Note:Our service cannot include NHS Trust Healthcare premises at this time.