UK Hit Squad – COVID-19 Decontamination


UK Hit Squad are a team of industry professionals dedicated to meet the needs of all our clients whether large or small, residential or commercial and have the expertise required to meet a variety of challenges. COVID-19 certainly provides a special kind of challenge and that is why we have put together a specialist based team from various local cleaning businesses with the required experience, knowledge and personality to deliver.

We knew from day one that trustworthiness, reliability and responsiveness are all the virtues expected in a period where we are in this reactive situation to COVID-19.

We have taken the situation very seriously and all our staff are fully trained in all aspects of their role from the moment they leave for site to the time they arrive home.

Nothing is taken to chance and we understand and follow the guidlines set out by the Government and associated bodies.  We have carefully selected recommended products for the deep clean, fogging and disposal processes.


We take zero risk and strive for the optimal result.